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Friday, July 21, 2006
Here is a new entry

a gravy boat

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Friday, October 28, 2005
ink1 broke

actually, we broke down and opened us up a MySpace page. amazing, no? and true, though we fought it for as long as we could.

you know you want to:

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Saturday, October 08, 2005
crashtv album finished and done and finished, over with and done with. For now.

Okay, this isn't really the place for me, peter, to knob off about crashtv. But seeing as ink1 is currently hibernating in a little straw nest with our eggs of ideas, and crashtv has no daft blog, it seems fit.

The crashtv album "machinecod" is finally finished.

Completely against what was previously promised, it won't be available online apart from buying it at a daftly cheap price which isn't actually that cheap, especially if you're unfortunate enough to live in North America at the moment with the most stupid dollar almost ever. We can't help that in UK. Looking at 7 quid/ 12 US dollars.

It'll be available through CDBaby (fab people) in a little while. Before the end of the year. But wait! ... My goodness! What a wonderful xmas/pagan present for yourself!

It runs to 50 minutes. 12 tracks. 8 were chucked in the bin, or at least reserved for a "nearly but also" CD. Doesn't mean they're rubbish - just didn't really fit in.

It might have 13 tracks and run for 54 minutes. We haven't decided yet.

And that's that for now. Thank you for noticing this isn't anything to do with ink1 except I'm in both thingies.


peter - him with the blood.

ps here's the crashtv site - not that you'll be any the wiser for a visit.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
best drummer 2005

Well no, but peter dahl-collins was on the shortlist
See here the IOMA awards
Peter, which coincidentally is me, was in the shortlist of the International Online Music Awards thingy. Sadly I was beaten by a few pesky others including Mark Hewer who works a lot with Daniel Iorio who did ink1's very fine "667606".

I think I was up for my crashtv work actually. Anyway, I'm glad I'm doing something right.

Maybe next year I'll be the best in the world hahaha

Is there a prize if you win? Like a free Whopper Meal or something...

Don't forget to vote (if only I knew how to) ;)

I don't even know if it's something voted for. It might just be a bunch of self-appointed bigwigs who decide who's worthy of their attention and honours. I only came across this when I was checking my name in Google to see if anything weird came up. It did. It was this.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005
ink1 interview part one


JillNoJack interviews Peter Dahl-Collins (apparently that's me) about which, what, why, how, who, when and where.
It's as accurate as I could remember at the time.
Part 1 is here

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Saturday, September 04, 2004
who is them ink1 be?


peter dahl-collins

the music

submarine test

laurie fraser
bc canada

to the bar
sweet dreams

michael parker

handsome guy
downhill (below the burrow)


poppy gonzalez

big black dog
big dark hedge

daniel iorio
canadian canada Q


thea etienne


keith axford




bryan williams




shauna skye

handsome guy


downhill (below the burrow)


stay doll

jill no jack



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Sunday, August 22, 2004
I embrace my sweet long lost muse

[For those who don't know I (peter) have been deeply depressed for a year now, recently suicidal. Last Wednesday (18 August 2004) I woke up feeling GOOD. Why or what or how is anyone's idea.]

The world has stayed good so far (22/Aug). I realised yesterday that my great unexplained mind-offloading (my surfacing from beneath turbulent waters) was 18th August - my wedding anniversay & Symone's birthday (I'm divorced from Symone).

I had a dream last night with some dark haired English-looking woman from maybe 1920's. Around 30 years old. She floated about (to cut a long story) and wasn't too nice. Deliberately spooking me as a ghost in a floating white armchair. One of the few dreams I remember being in black and white.

By some means (in the 1930's now) I amassed a theatre-full of people at night, played music into their heads by a thought of my own mind-invention - all music at once... (I remember it was my rework of "Einstein's 8" [what?] in the manner of the darkest Beethoven). Everyone gasped and swooned at its unusual splendour.

[I'd been reading about Nikola Tesla (forget Farraday) before I fell asleep.]

It was all of 30 seconds long, then in the air her image appeared, static, a head and shoulder portrait snapshot, for all to see, impossibly in mid air, a 6 foot tall photograph, glowing. And I remembered she'd drifted away through a wall some hours earlier, no one but me to see, just me and her there in my softly furnished 1930's artist's basement. She'd left with the gentle words, "goodbye peter," spoken into my heart. All that was left of her, my mind music summoning her, was this snapshot of a stranger above the befuddled audience.

Now I see her. I'm disappointed.

I wake up.

did I expect an angel?

was she my previous muse?

I wonder if I was infected all this time? We shall see. I'm doing great stuff for a Daniel Iorio track at the mo... I feel free - ignoring complications. Simple is best. I don't feel the world pressing on me.

I feel like my anonymous muse is quietly back with me. She's not strong but she IS my creativity (and most likely my creation). And I welcome her back with all the love in my soul.

(Now I sound mental the OTHER way haha.)

this will be removed soon or put somewhere else. To sum up, I don't know what the fuck's happened.

(for the few of you that have it, listen to the ink1 track "switch". It may not have been me, just my muse, or did it happen to me? An understanding of life never gets any easier, eh?

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Thursday, August 19, 2004
height restrictions apply

You must be over 4 years old to view this page. Contains small parts. May contain nuts. 0.1% fat.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004
The patented ink1 fashion wheel. Where are you?

By special scientific science ink1 have isolated areas of clothing fashion. If you have a fashion bent you will need to click HERE

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Sunday, April 11, 2004
ink1 featured artist on indy music radio, April 9/04

yes, true.

the lovely jill no jack very politely offered to grovel for the privilege of making ink1 the very first artist-in-the-spotlight on her new, live Heart of the Night radio show on dongplant.com (that's songplanet.com for those of you unable to keep up with PDC typo language).

and so it was done. you missed it? 50 wet tongue-lashings! click 'contact me' to request extras.

well anyway, no worries... we like you visitor-type people. download the full feature in mp3 format (below). now you too can listen as Peter bravely attempts to explain ink1... thrill'n'chill to three fab ink1 tracks... marvel as Jill most pleasantly praises ink1's existence.

PC: right-click on a link, choose 'save target as' from the menu. Mac: erm... you'll know what to do. save file to your hard drive. play. enjoy.

lo-fi (56 kbps) ink1 feature - 8.50 mb    hi-fi (128 kbps) ink1 feature - 19.4 mb

thanks for that, Jill - ink1 loves you too!

join Jill in the Heart of the Night on songplanet.com radio
Friday nights from 12 midnight - 2 am EST.

Posted at 02:17 am by ink1
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